Fake News and Photos. 10/12/2018

"A picture is worth a thousand words" goes the popular idiom. Add fake news made viral by social media and uncritical acceptance of whatever is online, a picture can now tell a million lies.

Time to think. 01/12/2018

Take time to think because you can rarely rise above the quality of your thoughts. The quality of your thinking is dependent on, amongst several things, the knowledge/experiences you have amassed over time and how you can make (novel) connections amongst them. So spare good quality time to think and sound out those smarter than you.

Nothing good comes easy. 28/11/2018

The path to greatness is littered with obstacles that must be surmounted. These obstacles must be scaled, surmounted, turned to use, use as springboards etc. Scaling each obstacle and gives you the aura of invincibility. … and do not be like those that celebrate tactical victories either because they have no long-term strategies or are blinded by the immediate, the short-term or pure desire for instant gratification. Learn to play the long game. Life and its battles are relays, not sprints.

Time. 11/06/18

He who gives you his time, gifts you a part of his life.